What we do

SAFFA.net is the international arm of Inspan NPO. We are active in helping Southern Africans adjust to the new realities of a failing state, the support and upliftment of minority groups in Southern Africa, the stabilisation of their future and realisation of their cultural and traditional ambitions:

“Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, give him a fishing rod and he feeds his whole family, give him a dam and he feeds his town”

…Southern Africans need your help:

Over the last two decades civil society structures in South Africa have fallen into disrepair and misuse and bad management often accompanied by corruption.

The pillars of our mission in our Memorandum of Association are:

  • Relief of Poverty and Welfare including Emergency and Contingency Relief
  • Skills training and re-skilling education
  • Settlement and re-introduction into communities
  • Rental, purchase or construction of living and communal abodes
  • Development of sustainable rural communities
  • Promotion, lobbying and legal defense or litigation of Minority Rights and Freedom of Religion

We aim to encourage transparency, accountability and responsibility through the use of local contacts, media channels, social networking and exposure!


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